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This chart can change your mindset and unlock new learning opportunities

What do you do when you fail? How do you approach a new problem in life or in the classroom? You may tell yourself that you already have figured out a way to solve a problem or, perhaps, you’re not going to even attempt to solve a problem because you don’t want to fail.

What if you could change your mindset and figure out a new way to approach learning and life as a whole?

This chart helps lay out the basic idea behind changing your mindset. You can use a ‘fixed’ or a ‘growth’ mindset to enhance your life. Which will you choose?

This chart just seems so powerful. I’m personally trying to embrace the ‘growth’ mindset this week and looking for new learning opportunities wherever I can find them!

The chart is based on Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck who talks about the power of our mindset as well as our beliefs around challenge. Just like how we learned to walk … there are many stumbles along the way. But to reach our potential and life the life we desire, it takes practice.

And perseverance.

We always have a choice. What mindset will you choose?

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