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The 200 best special education apps

When you step into a modern classroom, you probably notice at least a little bit of technology. There might be a computer in the corner, an iPad in a desk, or perhaps even a smartphone on a student’s desk. The pervasiveness of edtech in the classroom is palpable. You can just smell the edtech in the air.

One of the most useful ways that education technology is being used right now is to assist special education teachers and those with special needs. For example, there are literally hundreds of apps for iOS alone (as you see in the presentation below) that are useful for those involved in special education.

Depending on your level of need, these apps can be useful ways to create an interactive learning environment for students that might normally not have the opportunity to learn with technology. I’d recommend making your own (potentially smaller!) list of the apps that pique your interest from the presentation below. Then, go through your own list and download the app(s) onto your personal device. From there, test each out over the course of several days before even thinking about handing it to a student.

That being said, give each app a chance and don’t cross it off your list unless it’s obviously not for you. That’s because you never know what might resonate with students. Even the simplest app can prove to be a powerful tool in the special ed teacher’s toolkit.

The apps below may not be completely up to date as this list was generated last year. That being said, most of the best apps are alive and well. In fact, there are even more apps than this available on the Apple App Store.

We at Learn Egg are beginning work on figuring out the best Android apps for special education as well. Watch for that list soon!

The above presentation was published by Eric Sailers