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The 30 must-have iPad apps for teachers around the world

Are you new to the iPad in the classroom craze? Deploying one or many iPads in your classroom? You are probably reviewing dozens of apps and deciding which works for you, which is not worth your time, and which app you’ll check out a bit later. It’s a tough process and quite time-consuming.

If only there was a simple guide that lists out the best 30 (or so) iPad apps for teachers looking to bring the Apple iPad into their students’ hands. That’s exactly what this post is. It’s a wonderful list from Sam Gliksman for those teachers looking to get up to speed and to start using tried-and-tested apps being used in classrooms around the world.

[quote_center]Link your iPad camera to Dropbox and get photos instantly added to a folder your students and parents can view. Magic![/quote_center]

Learn Egg has an international focus and we’re excited to see that just about all of these apps are available in international iTunes Stores. Not just the U.S. and euro versions of the store. So check your country’s particular education app listing to ensure that it’s available in your country.

These apps are some of the most popular options currently available. From Evernote to Diigo to TED Talks, there are a ton of great option to choose from. I’d recommend slowly combing through this list and test out as many as possible.

Some of my favorite apps in the list below are Evernote, Wolfram Alpha, and Dropbox. If you’re looking to find the cream of the crop out of this list, then start with those. They’re insanely popular and worth your time. You’ll be amazed at just how powerful Wolfram Alpha is in particular. If you thought Google search was smart, wait until you give Wolfram a whirl.

[quote_box_right]You’ll be simply amazed by Wolfram Alpha in the classroom.[/quote_box_right]

Same goes for Evernote and Dropbox of course. The former is by far the most used app in education right now. Evernote lets you do just about anything you’d want to with your students. From turning in homework to creating documents from web clippings, there’s a lot going on with that elephant-themed app.

For Dropbox, be sure to link your account to your classroom iPad camera and you can automatically upload your photos to your Dropbox account as soon as the photo is taken. You can then store those photos in a shared folder accessible only to you, students’ parents, etc. Think of the possibilities!