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The 50+ best free web tools for education

When it comes to choosing which piece of education technology is right for you and your classroom, there’s a lot to consider. Will this Apple iPad work with all of my curriculum? Will this Android or Amplify tablet actually enhance learning? What is the deal with apps on these devices?

Lots of questions will arise about native apps. For example, many teachers and technology integration specialists have to closely examine which device will run the most apps that will meet the expectations of the educator. In other words, you need something that works.

The Importance Of Web Tools

[quote_right]These web tools work on any device. And they’re free. Win-win.[/quote_right]That’s where the beauty of web tools comes into play. Web tools typically work cross-platform, meaning they are platform agnostic and will work on just about any device. For example, you can load up on any device. It’ll look nice in your mobile browser and play nicely with your operating system, whatever it may be.

That’s why this list of the best free web tools for education is so important. While I love a good list just as much as the next guy, I can appreciate the value of ‘free’ and ‘web tool’ when it comes to education. The price is right. It lets you try out all of these web tools and not have to devote any resources other than time and perhaps some perspiration.

The second key factor is the ‘web tool’ aspect. It means you can access these tools from any device and are able to work with them on just about anything.

A Crowdsourced List Of Resources

Enough about why things being free and available on the web is a good thing. Let’s dive into this list. As you can see, this list is being constantly updated and crowdsourced as part of the Edublog Awards. As part of the awards, you can check out a slew of useful web tools, apps, Twitter hashtags, and more. While I congratulate the winners of all the categories, I’m more interested in the many lists and crowdsourced resources that are shared by the education community.

Below is the ever-evolving list of the best free web tools as selected by teachers and other education enthusiasts. Want to vote for one of these products before voting ends? Just click the ‘up’ button on your selection. I think you may need to be logged into to do that, just FYI.